by jquejque

Was able to take a day trip up to Whistler whilst in Canada. It was about a 2 hour bus ride from Vancouver. (If it sounds familiar, it’s because the 2010 Winter Olympic took place here)

Part of me regrets not staying here for a night! It looks a little gloomy from the photos, but it was truly a winter wonderland. Doesn’t get any more picturesque in my opinion.


Whistler, BC


Whistler, BC


Kangaroo Pie from Peaked Pies (Whistler, BC)

We went to Peaked Pies for lunch in Vancouver since it seemed like a nice quick meal. Kevin insisted on getting the Kangaroo meat pie… Seriously, this pie is not for the weak of stomach. (Kevin complained of a stomach ache for the rest of the day haha…) Their Steak, Bacon and Cheese pie is quite delicious and left me satisfied/full for the rest of the day!


Whistler, BC


Winter Wonderland (Whistler, BC)


Whistler, BC


Whistler, BC


Caesar from Stonesedge Kitchen (Whistler, BC)


Mac & Cheese from Stonesedge Kitchen (Whister, BC)

Slowly froze to death while exploring Whistler on foot. If you enjoy skiing/snowboarding, this is the place for you! Sadly I can do neither haha…

Still plenty of interesting things to do besides snow sports. They actually have an amazing museum dedicated to the First Nations! (First Nations = Canadian term for “Native Americans”)

If you’re planning a trip to British Columbia, I highly recommend stopping in Whistler. It’s gorgeous all year around from photos that I’ve seen while researching our trip.

Hope it’s not a photo overload… Thanks for reading!