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Last stretch of my Vancouver 2015 trip! This is a continuation of Day 4 (from the previous blog post). I would recommend leaving yourself more than 4 days to see Vancouver. It truly is a spectacular (and diverse) city.

After filling our bellies with poutine (check previous post for details), we headed over to the Vancouver Aquarium. If you know me personally, then you’ll know that I can never pass up a trip to an aquarium! (Sharks =  my absolute favorite animal)


Spotted Jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium


Spotted Jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium

Jellyfish are indeed my second favorite! I could honestly stare at them for hours if time would permit haha!


Clown Fish at the Vancouver Aquarium

I feel as though no aquarium is “complete” without Nemo (Clown Fish) and Dory (Blue Tang)! I was unable to get a clear photo of “Dory,” but she was most definitely there. So Finding Nemo fans need not worry!


Sea Lion at the Vancouver Aquarium


Sea Lion at the Vancouver Aquarium

Adorable sea lion waiting “patiently” for food haha. Learning slowly that sea lions are a lot “friendlier” than seals. (Seals tend to be a bit more shy!)

Nonetheless if you encounter them in the wild they should be treated as “wild” animals. If the sea lion looks stranded, please be advised to not touch/approach, and immediately call a local sea mammal rescue! (Completely irrelevant to the post, but I felt it was worth sharing!)


Stanley Park, Vancouver


Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley Park on a cloudy rainy day! Apparently this is the “Central Park” of Vancouver. I’ve never really understood the allure of Central Park… (New Yorkers please don’t kill me!) I mean it’s quite famous, but I have come across many parks that are overall much nicer!

We unfortunately did not get a chance to explore the park since it was raining. The Vancouver Aquarium is however located in Stanley Park (I would recommend visiting the Aquarium and then exploring the park). Buses unfortunately do not take you straight to the Aquarium, so some walking is required!


Granville Island

Our final stop? Granville Island! Crap photo taken with my iPhone from afar… I promise to invest in a better camera!


Spinach Bun at the Granville Island Public Market


Spinach Bun at the Granville Island Public Market

“Looks can be deceiving” is 100% applicable to this spinach bun! It looked amazing on display, so of course we bought it. Turned out to be very hard, dry, and meh (we were unfortunatley unable to finish it)! But fear not, the Granville Island Public Market is full of fantastic foods. I forgot to take photos since I was too busy devouring, oops…


Mangosteen at the Granville Island Public Market


Mangosteen at the Granville Island Public Market

The market had a surprising amount of exotic fruits. It is most definitely hard to come by mangosteen in California! I was tempted to purchase it, but fruits in Vancouver are very expensive!


Fresh Wasabi at the Granville Island Public Market

Here is a photo of some fresh wasabi for those who have only seen it ground up and served with sushi. I’m pretty sure that this particular booth inside the market specialized in “exotic” Asian merchandise. You most definitely will not find grocery stores just selling stalks of fresh wasabi!


Tuna + Salmon Rolls from Toshi Sushi


Nigiri from Toshi Sushi

Had to get sushi one more time before leaving Vancouver. The fish there is super super fresh and also very affordable. The pictured sushi cost around $25 USD at most!

Also just a side note, the lighter colored roll is tuna. I was very confused at first since I am used to seeing bright red… Our Airbnb host did however clarify that this was normal (different type of tuna apparently). The salmon roll on the other hand was something else… I have never come across such beautifully colored WILD salmon! Sushi is an absolute MUST in Vancouver!


Maple Syrup

Because no trip to Canada is complete without maple syrup haha! (Please forgive me for being a tourist…) In my defense, the gentleman at the booth was very convincing!


Mount Pleasant, Vancouver


Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Last but not least, a couple of quick photos of the beautiful Airbnb we stayed at in Vancouver. Patricia’s place = apartment goals! Looking forward to returning one day.

For those of you who are hesitant to travel due to the cost of hotels, please please check Airbnb. It saves you tons of money when traveling! You can also take the money that you “saved” and use it towards your next trip. (Please excuse my wanderlust!)

Thanks for reading. More travel posts to come!