by jquejque

If anyone asked me if I had any particular “talents,” my answer would probably be eating. I recently moved from the suburbs to downtown Los(t) Angeles. (I am literally always lost thanks to construction haha…)

I literally have thousands of photos of food on my phone, so I decided to dedicate a post to some of my favorite restaurants. This particular post will cover Little Tokyo and the Arts District. (More to come, I promise!)



Chirashi from Sushi Go 55

Sushi Go 55 in Little Tokyo is my go to place for a Chirashi bowl. This was a togo version of their “Chirashi Matsu” which comes with uni (sea urchin) and ikura (salmon roe).


Spicy Tuna Roll from Sushi Go 55

Sushi Go 55 also has a great happy hour special on hand rolls. Pictured above is my personal favorite, spicy tuna!


Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen from Men Oh

I’m not a huge fan of ramen… Men Oh however took me by surprise. Their noodles are chewy (in a good way) and their broth is very filling! I would definitely recommend going here over Daikokuya and Shin Sen Gumi, but that’s just my personal opinion.


Spicy Tuna Bowl + Tuna Sushi

This is a little secret of mine that I’m hesitant to share since they’re already  so popular! Inside the Little Tokyo Market Cafeteria is a small sushi restaurant that serves pre-made meals. I know I know, how can you trust eating pre-made sushi? Well the meals are made fresh daily and the fish they use is very fresh!

If you don’t believe me, then don’t try it (more for me haha)! They however only open for lunch and sell out pretty quickly… So if you decide to go, make sure to go before 12pm.


Yuzu Poke Bowl from Snociety

So if you’ve made it this far, you must have realized that I have a thing for raw fish… Snociety is fairly new to the Little Tokyo area and has an amazing poke bowl. I always get mine with the Yuzu flavoring, but they have several different options so that you may customize it to your liking.


Kalbi Sausage from Seoul Sausage Co

Seoul Sausage Co has also taken residency in Little Tokyo. (It is nonetheless a little far from all the hustle and bustle, but still…) Here is their Kalbi Sausage which is a fusion style hotdog!


Kalbi Jimm Poutine from Seoul Sausage Co

Korean-Americans takes on Canadian poutine? Worth a try, but most definitely not memorable. There were no cheese curds… What is the point of calling it poutine if you’re missing the main ingredient?!


Pair O’ Balls from Seoul Sausage Co

My personal favorite has to be the Pair O’ Balls, which are basically deep fried rice balls! One of them was kimchi flavored and the other was curry. I must admit that these are pretty creative/unique. I also wouldn’t mind having a bunch of these as my entree instead.



Roasted Strawberry from Salt & Straw

I’m not 100% sure if Salt & Straw has opened their Arts District branch yet?! They did however have a stand at the Arts District Farmers Market in promotion of their new location. Tried out a few flavors, but found Roasted Strawberry to be my personal favorite. If you ever come across a store/stand, please please please try! I promise you won’t regret it!


Pork Belly Bowl from Chinese Laundry Truck

Chinese Laundry is not necessarily “exclusive” to the Arts District since it’s a food truck. (Check out their website to find out where they are for the week!) Their pork belly bowl (pictured) and their pork belly tacos are a must try if you ever come across this truck.


Salmon Toast from Blacktop Coffee


Avocado Toast from Blacktop Coffee

Blacktop Coffee in the Arts District is perfect for grabbing a quick brunch and coffee. Their menu is pretty limited and I believe they stop serving food around 2pm?! (Don’t quote me on that haha…)

Above is the Salmon Toast which is pretty good, but their Avocado Toast (with a poached egg) is most definitely the winner!


Cabeza Tacos from La Reynas Taco Stand

I’m not sure if La Reynas is considered the Arts District since its by 7th St. and Mateo… Their tacos and burritos are hands down the best I’ve ever had! The restaurant portion is open during the day (but I believe it is run by a different family). What you NEED to try is the taco stand that sets up outside from 6pm-12am.

Again, do not try La Reynas the Restaurant (it’s not that great)! Wait it out until sundown and try the taco stand! It looks a little sketchy, but it’s most definitely worth the trek!

That sums up some of my go to places to eat in Little Tokyo and the Arts District. I’ll be back in a little while to share some places to eat in different parts of DTLA!

Hoping I didn’t put you to sleep or make you hangry. Till next time!