by jquejque

I’m slowly beginning to notice that I tend to get lost quite a bit haha… I mean by blog is titled “Lost & Found.” To be quite frank, I have no problem with being lost (as long as it’s not for too long)!

We had some oddly warm weeks in California back in January, so the boyfriend and I took a quick trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Here are a few photos of the places we visited throughout the park. Enjoy!


French Toast with Bananas

Homemade french toast before the drive out to Joshua Tree! Approximately 2h 20min (131 mi) from DTLA, so not terribly long.


En Route to Joshua Tree






Lights in the Desert

There’s actually no entrance fee if you enter the park at night. (Nonetheless, this does not mean you can camp in the park without paying, sorry!) My boyfriend brought his camera out and we attempted a few long-exposure photos. We were supposed to be stargazing… but there was a full moon which meant it was too bright to see anything.


Joshua Tree

The next day we were on the road to do a few quick hikes and explore Joshua Tree National Park. There’s an information center a few miles down that will gladly give you tips and pointers. (Please note that there is no cell signal once you’re inside Joshua Tree National Park! Plan ahead!)



Barker Dam

Found water in the desert… What were the odds? Apparently we got very lucky since this spot is usually quite dry.


Kevin & Haku in Joshua Tree


Well (?) on Barker Dam Trail

I have no clue what this was supposed to be… People were taking photos of it so it only felt fitting that I take one as  well! Any guesses or answers?


Joshua Tree, CA



The reason that I bugged Kevin to do this hike with me then end up wandering (lost) for 2 miles instead of a nice 1 mile hike? Petroglyphs! I absolutely had to see them for myself. (Don’t judge, it’s an Art History major thing!)



Skull Rock, Joshua Tree, CA

This particular attraction is just a photo opp! No hike necessary! Just park the car, walk over and take as many pictures as you like haha. You can actually take photos of this as you drive by if you’re short on time.


Arch Rock, Joshua Tree, CA


Arch Rock, Joshua Tree, CA

Our very own arch rock! Beat that Arizona… Okay so maybe not as spectacular as some other places around the U.S., but nonetheless our very own. This was a pretty quick hike. (Unfortunately I do not remember the distance…)

This rock looks deceivingly climbable until you’re actually on it and trying to figure out how to get higher. (The actual rock is very narrow though it doesn’t appear that way in photos!)


Joshua Tree, CA

Stopped to do a short panoramic photo on our way back to the car from Arch Rock. I’ve never really stopped to look at the desert. It’s always seemed so dry, lonely and arid… Joshua Tree was nonetheless mesmerizingly beautiful.

Can’t really say I had any magical spiritual revelations of any kind while out in the desert… Sorry! I did however realize that beauty can be found everywhere, you just need to remember to pause.


Tired Haku

You know it was a good trip when you can’t help but find yourself exhausted and energized all at the same time. (Haku most definitely agrees!) If you’re ever looking for a quick weekend getaway from Los Angeles, then Joshua Tree should most definitely be on your list!

More adventures to come! Thanks for reading!