by jquejque

Hello hello! Continuing my Los(t) Angeles food adventures today. Hope you’re ready to be hangry! This time I will be covering the heart of DTLA and Koreatown.

I generally avoid Koreatown and the downtown area due to traffic and crap parking… Please be warned that parking in the city is never pleasant and the signs will leave you more confused than informed.



Orange Mango Smash from Whole Foods

Whole Foods recently opened up in DTLA, and I am addicted! I absolutely love grabbing a slice of pizza and a drink from the smoothie bar. It’s technically not a restaurant, but grocery stores are always fun to wander.


Seafood Jambalaya from The Little Easy

The Little Easy is most definitely more a bar than a restaurant. I was craving Jambalaya so we got some togo since this place had amazing reviews.  Glad to report that their food is delicious, but a bit on the salty side. The overall bar/restaurant has a cute atmosphere and I look forward to going back!



The Last Bookstore


The Last Bookstore


The Last Bookstore

Technically The Last Bookstore is not a restaurant. If anything… it’s the exact opposite for it doesn’t allow any food or drinks! (They have a cute coat check in the front that will watch your items for you!)

I’ve always loved books growing up, so this place is my wonderland. It’s a very whimsical bookstore and has tons of character! If you’re not a fan of books, I still recommend checking out The Last Bookstore at least once. It has some great photo ops and is very quirky.


Taco Sampler from Guisados

Guisados has several locations throughout LA. Pictured above is the sampler which allows you to sample 6 mini tacos of your choice. An absolute must try is their “secret” menu item known as the Quesadilla con Chorizo!


Lemonade at USC

Lemonade is what I view as “comfort food” for Southern Californians. There’s always tons of dishes to choose from so you can mix and match. (I’m 100% positive that everyone who lives in SoCal has had Lemonade at least once!) Oh, and don’t forget to get a side of Truffle Mac and Cheese!



Gamjatang at Hamji Park


Pork Spare Ribs from Hamji Park

Hamji Park is actually one of my boyfriend’s favorite restaurants! It look a good half a year for him to convince me to try it haha… (I’m usually not a huge fan of Korean food since I can get it at home!) I nonetheless regret not having listened to him…

There potato stew (gamjatang) was very authentic and is perfect for a “chilly” day. (Let’s be real, it’s never that cold in California haha!) The pork spare ribs are also super delicious and way better than anything you will get at an AYCE Korean BBQ place!


Cold Noodles (NengMyun) from Yu Chun

Yu Chun is hands-down one of my favorite places to eat! Why? Well, I might be a little biased since cold noodles (nengmyun) is one of my favorite dishes haha. Nengmyun is great for hot days since the broth is iced (I know, it sounds strange but it all works out in the end). They also provide a self serve warm broth station which works out well for colder days.


The Bun Shop


Buns from The Bun Shop


Ba’corn Cheese from The Bun Shop

I actually stumbled across The Bun Shop on accident due to some late night munchies. I had originally planned on getting Shake Shack, but left after seeing the ridiculously long line!

They have a pretty decent happy hour that includes their buns as well as a bunch of different menu items. I got their pork belly buns, kalbi buns, and ba’corn cheese (which were all delicious). The restaurant has a nice casual atmosphere and is great for dinner with friends.

This wraps up my DTLA and Koreatown food guide (for now haha)! Many more restaurants to come as I continue to explore LA!

Let me know if you guys have any recommendations. As always, thanks for reading!