by jquejque


Canon g7x

As stated in the previous post, I recently got a new camera! I’ve had the Canon g7x for about a month and a half now, and so far I’m loving it haha. Slowly weaning myself from my iPhone’s camera. (Though I will admit the iPhone is much easier for quick shots!)

The built in wifi function is also super useful, and allows me to quickly connect and upload photos directly from my camera to my phone. (This allows me to upload nicer photos to my Instagram/Facebook whilst on the run!)

The photo quality and depth of field is fantastic, though I am obviously not a professional in any way. Part of me regrets not investing in this sooner! Here are some sample shots…


Bear Whistle from Whistler, BC

The only “problem” I have with the camera is its size. A part of me wishes the camera was pocket-sized haha… But honestly, the size is quite nice in comparison to most DSLRs on the market! (My neck doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap at the end of the day which is a huge win!)

As to not bore you with camera shots, here’s another fantastic place to eat in DTLA!


“16-piece with Lobster” from Kazunori

Kazunori is very similar to Sugarfish, but focuses solely on rolls! I would have to say Kazunori has a more casual atmosphere and is a great place to grab lunch. Ordering togo will get you this beautiful box of cut rolls (AKA heaven in a box)! Dining in generally consists of hand rolls and not cut rolls!



Pictured above is two of their “16-piece with Lobster” from their togo menu. I added an extra yellowtail roll because I can never resist more sushi haha! This set also includes toro, cucumber, blue crab, and lobster. Currently drooling while staring at the photos right now… (These shots were also taken using my Canon g7x!)

That’s all for now! Be back soon with tons of Japan photos!