by jquejque

Hello hello everyone!
Back with photos from the first part of our Japan trip! (Tons and tons of photos to come, bear with me please haha!) I must say that 10 days in Japan was definitely not enough time. Here’s the first day of our trip on the east side of Tokyo!


Chuo, Tokyo, Japan

Our Airbnb was located in Chuo which was within walking distance of the Tsukiji Fish Market. It was also a short train ride away from Ueno, Ginza and Asakusa.

Chuo, Tokyo, Japan

Failed selfie attempt with Tokyo Skytree in the background!


Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

Welcome to the chaos that is Tsukiji Fish Market. Personal space doesn’t exist here! (On a side note for those of you planning a trip to Japan, Tsukiji will be moved by the end of the year!)

White Ichigo (Strawberry)

Forgot to take a close up photo of the white ichigo (strawberry) before I devoured them… oops! (Nonetheless, they were delicious haha!)

Ichigo (Strawberry)

The ichigo in Japan definitely reminds of strawberries I had a few years back in Korea. Who do strawberries in the States not look/taste like these? Sad…

Tamago Stand


Can’t go to Japan and not eat Tamago right? Right! Checked this off our todo list right away haha!


Mentaiko (or spicy cod roe) selling for super super cheap! (I apologize for the random photo, didn’t want to obnoxiously shove my camera into the food!)


Fish market wouldn’t be complete without seafood skewers!

Tuna + Toro

Varying cuts of tuna/toro! Unfortunately the photo came out very red haha… They were however more vivid in person! (I wish I could have devoured all of this!)

Uni + Ikura + Tuna Bowl

Found ourselves at a small sushi restaurant for an early lunch! I ordered the Uni+Ikura+Tuna Bowl! Was actually taken aback with how fresh everything was! (Tastes 10x better than most “fresh” fish I find back home!)


Boyfriend got the Chirashi which came with more variation! If you’re ever worried about finding fresh sushi/sashimi in Japan, you can stop now! Literally trusted our guts and went into the first restaurant we chanced upon and were not disappointed.


Strange looking little lobsters in Japan! This photo was more for my amusement haha…

Toro Sushi

Fattiest tuna we could find for only 600 ¥ (or about $6 USD). Should have ate ALL the toro when I had the chance!


Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

Secretly dying at this point… (Probably only 12pm when I took this photo haha…)


Came across these gorgeous pineapples while wandering the city. I’m sure it tasted heavenly. Unfortunately it would have been a little awkward touring the city with a pineapple, so we didn’t buy it… (So many regrets haha…)


Laduree (Ginza, Tokyo, Japan)


Found my favorite patisserie in Ginza! One day I will travel to France and have Laduree there! For now, this will have to do…


Rose Macaroon

My absolute favorite are the rose flavored macaroons! Raspberry takes a very close second though. Yes, they can be quite pricey… but they’re totally worth trying at least once!

Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Chanced upon this view inside G.Itoya (stationery store) while wandering Ginza. I’ll be returning soon with more photos from Japan! Thanks for tuning in, hope you enjoyed the photos!