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Happy Monday everyone!
Continuing with more photos from Japan! The evening of our first day consisted of exploring Asakusa, Tokyo. This district houses the famous Buddhist temple, Sensō-ji. This particular temple is actually the oldest in Tokyo! It was interesting to see how the Japanese preserved this site and then built this marvelous modern city around it.

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

This was the “entrance” area that led to a never-ending row of souvenir shops (and eventually Sensō-ji). This is a more popular tourist area in Tokyo, so expect to see tons and tons of people (even in the evening). The shops/street vendors close around sunset, so come early if you plan on purchasing knick knacks to bring back home!

Sensō-ji (Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan)

The day I visited was unfortunately overcast and rainy, so my photos came out a little dark/grey… Sorry! Japan does have a typhoon season, so don’t forget to check the weather before booking a trip.

Sensō-ji (Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan)

The temple is actually quite breathtaking in real life. To many, Sensō-ji is a place of worship. As beautiful (and photogenic) as it is, I always remind myself to be mindful of the culture. I would highly recommend doing some research before traveling to Japan. The country has an extremely rich history!

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

I chanced upon this cute restaurant while exploring the back streets of Asakusa. They were unfortunately full for the night, so I just snapped a picture and went on my way.

Tokyo Skytree

A much better photo of Tokyo Skytree during sundown! This was unfortunately as close as I got… This structure is actually the tallest building in Tokyo. They also have special edition Tokyo Banana that can only be purchased there. (I missed out! Learn from my mistakes!)

Candied Yam

Would you believe me if I told you that the display was actually fake? It’s okay, I wouldn’t believe me either haha… They were however indeed just replicas!

Candied Yam with Sesame Seeds

I think it should be illegal to travel to Asia and not eat street food. (I’m being extreme haha!) Candied yams hold a very special place in my heart. They were a huge part of my childhood, so I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Each street in Tokyo held a new surprise of sorts. It was interesting to see how modern yet preserved the city was.

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

The “mandatory” wasting time in the bathroom photo… Is this what girls do in the bathroom?! (The world may never know haha!)


Taiyaki or fish-shaped cake filled with red bean. There are many options for fillings, but the classic is generally red bean. (There’s also no fish/seafood involved if you were wondering!) Super good and an absolute must! Make sure to snag one that is freshly made!

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Final shot for the night right before I walked down to the subway station. This concludes the first day in Tokyo. Hope you guys are enjoying the photos. As always, thanks for reading!